Lawrenceville Arts Festival

One of the biggest dilemmas about Pittsburgh in the summer is that we all complain about the heat, but deep down you know you don’t want it to stop.  Consider the alternatives.  Sweating it out while casually playing frisbee in the park, or freezing your butt off in the snow outside of a Red Cross tent waiting for a flu shot. Things can get bleak.

This is why, despite the humidity and tomorrow’s forecast of 96 degrees, 0% chance of precipitation and 100% chance of clown wig hair, you have to take advantage of absolutely every opportunity to be outside. The easiest way to do this (other than exercise - because let’s be real, it’s sometimes hard to tell if the people running in this weather are sweating or crying from heat exhaustion) is to attend one of the many arts festivals that take place all over the city. 

Dana Fortun