About Pittsburgh works so well because its concerns are the real life issues and questions that face employees who are transporting their lives. About Pittsburgh helps families find a swimming instructor for their daughter; a pulmonologist for their 5-year-old's asthma; a software company for the continuation of a spouse's career; or a neighborhood and school with all the charm and convenience of their old one.




“The value of our decision was a result of the time we spent our About Pittsburgh guide. She met us early in the morning with a bright smile and genuine interest in what we needed. This was especially significant because she showed awareness and interest in the cultural differences and preferences we might have as African-Americans relocating to the area, versus giving us a cookie cutter tour. About Pittsburgh is an incredibly valuable service that you may not appreciate until you've utilized it. This is my third professional relocation but the first time I have experienced a service like About Pittsburgh.”



“I wanted to share some positive feedback regarding my experience with About Pittsburgh. Amy went above and beyond to ensure that I had a personalized and welcoming experience. I am truly complimentary of this service, which is a true differentiator and telling aspect of [the company’s] employment culture.”



“Thank you for organizing the visits with Marjory on Saturday. She was excellent, and I appreciate her taking out time to go through the appointments that were set up with me.”



“THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful work helping me learn about Pittsburgh ... and most importantly find an awesome new place to live!  Johnette was simply a fabulous tour guide ... professional, knowledgeable, fun and a real pleasure to spend the day with. I am very grateful for the service provided to me - without it my search would not have been as enjoyable (or easy). Relocating to a new city and starting a new job can easily be over whelming & stressful ... not for me - thanks to all you!”



“Both [my wife] and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Sarah. She was profoundly knowledgeable about Pittsburgh, established an immediate rapport with us by carefully listening to our questions and instantly responding either with explanations or by re-routing the tour to make sure that we have our answers, and managed to cover multiple geographic areas of Pittsburgh as well as the spectrum of lifestyles in the city and the vicinity. As a person, she was very pleasant and cheerful, which [we] both appreciated. Importantly, Sarah was able to “read us” and based on her “readings,” she not only provided facts but also possible views / interpretations / visions of the relative strengths and weaknesses on many, many aspects of Pittsburgh. That was particularly helpful. Altogether, that was a fantastic experience.”



“Both my wife and I found About Pittsburgh to be incredibly helpful in educating us about the Pittsburgh area. The information we gathered played an important role in our decision making process regarding relocation. Both Dana and Amy were warm, knowledgeable, and understanding about the needs of our family.”



“Toni was awesome, very helpful. I know it was an abbreviated version of [an orientation] to fit in my schedule, but much appreciated. She did a great job giving me a feel for the neighborhoods [that might work for me.]”



“I must say – your team was AMAZING on Friday...your team was so helpful in accommodating all of our requests…Can't thank you all enough!!”



“Thank you so much for a fabulous day last Sunday. I would rate [About Pittsburgh] an A+ because of your enthusiasm, pride in the city, knowledge of the area, and flexibility. You really sold us on the area!”



“Thank you very much! The document you provided is a great help! I am not even in Pittsburgh yet, but I've already feel you made my life there easier.”