Our Programs

The About Pittsburgh experience demonstrates to those being recruited and to those relocating, the value and benefits of living and working in the Pittsburgh region. With our credentials and over 30 years of experience, we are able to provide information, guidance, and personalized orientations to help candidates “get to yes” and to help new hires and their families seamlessly adjust to their new lives in Pittsburgh.

Helping you to secure your candidate of choice.


Why About Pittsburgh?

About Pittsburgh designs successful programs that help candidates and families recognize the value of living in the Pittsburgh region.  With over a 90% success rate, About Pittsburgh helps secure the candidate of choice, and ensures a smooth transition for individuals and families relocating to Pittsburgh.

About Pittsburgh can:

  • Help during both the recruitment and relocation process.

  • Help prospective candidates recognize that their needs and the needs of their families can be met in Pittsburgh.

  • Help individuals and families acclimate into their new environment and become quickly connected to the community.

  • Help new hires assume the responsibilities of a new position more quickly, feeling confident that their personal and family requirements have been met.

  • Help clients improve their talent retention.


Moving means more than just transporting belongings. It means transporting a lifestyle.

That's where About Pittsburgh comes in.


Our Core Services

About Pittsburgh’s programs and services are personally designed to meet the specific needs of your candidates and new hires. Our goal is to present Pittsburgh from your candidate’s perspective.



Today’s war for talent has challenged many Pittsburgh companies and institutions to find successful solutions when attracting the brightest talent to our region.  About Pittsburgh successfully partners with you to help your candidates and their families overcome lifestyle barriers that a potential relocation may present.  Through listening to your candidates’ needs, providing extensive research and offering custom-designed introductions to Pittsburgh, we can help your candidates and their families visualize their life in Pittsburgh, helping them to accept an offer.


Once a decision has been made to relocate, new hires and families have more detailed questions than they typically might have during the recruitment process. About Pittsburgh helps your new hires and their families strategize and prioritize their beginning steps for moving, and once they have relocated helps them assimilate smoothly into their new community. This allows your new hires to hit the ground running on day one at work, and their families to feel comfortable with their new surroundings. 

Global Destination Services

The Pittsburgh region is becoming increasingly global with more companies, institutions and organizations attracting talent from outside the United States.  About Pittsburgh offers many resources to help your expatriates and new hires quickly understand the settling-in requirements of an international move, ensuring a sense of security and confidence when making lifestyle decisions.


Ways we can help:

  • Assessing candidate and family’s lifestyle requirements

  • Extensive research based on assessment

  • Personally designed electronic information packets

  • Guidance and resources in areas such as neighborhoods, schools, rentals and special interests

  • Settling-in services such as license transfer, car registration and family onboarding.

  • Destination services for international moves such as applying for social security number, driver’s license, opening a bank account and utility assistance


We help your candidate make Pittsburgh their city of tomorrow.


Additional Services


Group Moves

A divisional transfer, office move, or headquarter shift can create a tremendous need to keep vital talent from leaving.  About Pittsburgh is exceptionally successful in helping companies strategically prepare to retain valued talent by helping to design a process for the move that will best meet their key talent’s lifestyle requirements.

Graduate, Summer Interns and Young Professionals

Attracting young talent, whether it be for full-time positions (filling the gap) or for summer internship programs, has become critical to the future of many companies and institutions. About Pittsburgh has created invaluable, innovative programs to attract younger candidates to our region and to help retain them once they have arrived.


Talent Management

Pittsburgh is once again on the cutting edge of technology, along with healthcare, academics, finance and manufacturing.  It is also a city that is aging faster than it can “fill the gap” with new talent.  With our many customized programs, About Pittsburgh has created ways to help your human resource team and front line recruiters attract and manage new talent.   

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