Frequently Asked Questions

Is About Pittsburgh a recruiting agency?

About Pittsburgh is NOT a recruiting agency.  About Pittsburgh works alongside recruiters to help their candidates and families visualize life in Pittsburgh.

When is the best time to engage About Pittsburgh?

The best time to engage About Pittsburgh is as early as possible in the recruitment process. About Pittsburgh can then continue assisting the candidate through the beginning of their relocation process. Should your candidate not receive About Pittsburgh’s assistance during the recruitment process, About Pittsburgh can begin assistance at the start of the relocation process.

Is About Pittsburgh affiliated with real estate?

About Pittsburgh is NOT affiliated with real estate. About Pittsburgh’s expertise is helping the candidate and family target the resources they require and the neighborhoods and schools that best meet their needs.  About Pittsburgh is the first step to transporting a lifestyle.  Once requirements are met and neighborhoods identified, the candidate and family easily transition to finding a home through a realtor and moving their belongings.

How does About Pittsburgh best partner with your human resources team?

Your HR team’s expertise is sourcing your candidates and matching them to the right position within your company.  About Pittsburgh’s expertise is helping your candidate and their family match their lifestyle in Pittsburgh. 

Will About Pittsburgh’s services really make a difference?

Yes! About Pittsburgh has over a 90% success rate helping our clients secure their candidate of choice.